Breath-taking Eco Resort in Carita, Banten

A fully renovated eco-resort with its new accommodation units and a plethora of fun facilities! Legendary and nostalgic since the 90s, yet recently all renewed, the new Mutiara Carita now provides utmost enjoyment from its many activities and sceneries. This small paradise sits in the middle of the panoramic beach, hills, lakes, and towering trees. Upon arrival you will surely be one with nature.

20 hectares worth of space is efficiently used to create a sweet hotel building, villas with communal areas, the serene twin lake area, a “private” beach and so much more! Families, friends and organizations often look forward to return to our spacious villas which enables solid bonding time with one another.

The breezy hills, the chirping birds, and the novel experiences will surely lure you in to always return to Mutiara Carita.